I texted him quite a long time ago, asking to photograph and feature him onto Sonday Savour, but didn’t when the chance would come because he stayed in Da Nang where I rarely travelled to. This time I came to Da Nang in a rush for a job and I felt pity I couldn’t meet […]

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new project

It was so good to meet Viet again and heard about his new project. I longed to see it bloomed soon. He was one of the few people made this very short work trip of mine to Da Nang so much better than the previous one. In case you’re new to Sonday Savour and haven’t […]

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Although it is often seen solely as an individual effort, at a higher level it is a work of a team with support from fellows. Not only masculine energy I see from the lifter, but also the care-taking of his supporters. Sometimes it even seems intimate like of close brothers and sisters. The support comes […]

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