Among the stars

I had not intended to have an entry for the end of the year 2017 on Sonday Savour as I was busy with several jobs at the same time. I had stopped ‘go hunting’ for new faces, and decided to go with the flow, “let life bring new people to my photos”, because somehow I […]

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A dad

I photographed the wedding of Giap and his wife 2 years ago. He was one of the most good looking bridegrooms I had ever photographed back then. Lately when I saw his wife posted some photos of him and their kids I wanted to brought him back to Sonday Savour right away. I visited them […]

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I’ve been busy lately, and focused my mind on other projects. Everybody is busy now. It gets a bit harder to find new faces for Sonday Savour and even more to arrange a meet-and-photograph. In fact, I have met some interesting guys recently. I’m not under the pressure of posting pictures weekly anymore, so I’m […]

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Tho is a student of design but his past-times is playing saxophone. While he hasn’t got a clear plan for his future career, he’s got it very clear how much he loves his ‘sax’. I am fortunate to be shared one of his summer avros with in his own space and time. I observe the […]

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I found Thuan in a Facebook group of jobs for students while I was looking for new assistants. I found him sincere and wanted to recruit him but he lived too far from my studio. A week later, I asked if he could let me photograph him for Sonday Savour and was surprised that he agreed […]

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Orlando (2)

After his daily shopping at the market, Loc took me to his home where I met his friendly partner. I spent sometime chatting with both of the interesting guys while Loc was preparing his meals for the whole day. I later followed him to his hair salon which was not busy in the morning and photograph his […]

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Orlando (1)

I contacted Loc a few months ago, but he was busy opening his very first business. The hair salon was named Orlando and located in Da Kao, District 1. This time he let me spend a whole morning with him from the early hour at his favorite market to the bedroom he shared with a closed friend. […]

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