Welcome to Sonday Savour 🙂 !

My name is Deee, at this moment the only ‘labour of love’ for this blog. I feel more comfortable writing about it in a ‘list of headlines’ or ‘FAQ’, so below are a few facts about this Sonday Savour you might want to know.

I will continue to update this list and would love to receive any question or comment.

1. Why Sonday Savour is the name?

– You might Google each word and get almost there to the meaning.

(v) savour: to give oneself the enjoyment of something; to have savor, taste, odor; (n) savour: the power to excite or interest (source: Dictionary.com). I want to bring a new flavor to the viewer. Something light, unexpected to be provocative but fresh enough to differ itself from other photographic and male blogs.

Sonday is indeed Sunday, widely known as a weekend day. Also, (a) Sunday: amateur, not professional as in ‘Sunday painter’ (source: Merriam-Webster dictionary)

I’d actually love to think Sonday as Son Day, the day of a son, a boy, a man.

This blog is all about casual male beauty, the look of young men being home-alone on Sunday when they just relax or do their own things. As a man, I share the common understanding of the situation with all male models I photograph for this blog. It’s very relaxing to do this project.

It could have been ‘Saigon Sonday Savour’ but I decided to delete ‘Saigon’ as do not want to set any geographical barrier. “Not so ambitious”, I believe.

2. Inspirations

The main inspiration easily derives from my photographic experience. Besides paid assignments, I have personal jobs which I do for myself. I contact guys and girls I love to look at, getting know more of, and ask them if they let me photograph them. Certainly, the meeting will take place on our spare time and to ordinary working people the spare time is usually on their Sundays. We can do so many things we love on Sundays.

Another inspiration is the blog “Hard Cider New York“. I’ve got it from Binh Nguyen, a mate from abroad. There are many male photographic blogs out there but Hard Cider New York wow-ed me with its simplicity and ‘boy next door’ beauty. I tended to ‘copy’ its format of publishing (only one image each entry, with a few words of caption) but I wasn’t good at it, I guess

For the photographic style, there were too many inspirations especially vintage and film photography. I finally chose one, phewww. I’d love to keep the images of this blog light, warm, undramatic and natural. But you know, there are rainy days.

3. Erotic, maybe. Pornographic, no!

But there may be some food porns sometimes, haha.

4.  And this is not for gay only

This is for anyone having a look at ordinary, fit, healthy men sometimes.

5. And the models are both straight and gay.

Please, don’t assume 😉

6. I want to share this project with a few more people

Though usually being an arbitrary and conservative person, I really want to share this blog with like-minded mates. ‘Casuality’ is one principle of Sonday Savour.

I need (at least) a curator, an (text) editor, a content manager. At the moment, I’m doing all the jobs and I love it but in long terms that may exhaust me.

Every work will be credited in this project.

7. English is the chosen language.

I simply feel more comfortable to blog in English. Moreover, there are more people reading in English than in Vietnamese, my native tongue, and that’s fair enough.

(last updated by Deee, 25.02.2015)

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