a cup of coffee

It was the last afternoon of 2016. The air was not as cooler as expected. I told him it would be ‘weird’ to wear suit and go outside in such heat. I had a cup of coffee with Binh who just got back to the country for short vacation after years of going from countries to countries. A chat revealed differences between us, one chosing to stay one chosing to go further.

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Who’s Dat Guy?

We had agreed to have a sit together for Sonday Savour for more than 1 year ago, but Dat was too busy with his shifts at a well-known restaurant. Last week we chatted again and finally he let me know he could arrange a day-off for me photographing. Also, he’s moved to the same district with […]

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Khiem has certain things remind me of myself at 19, but nicer :)) This guy is even taller than I am at 6 feet. He’s easy-going, asking nothing for his birthday from family and friends. He has faith in contributing to public benefit, and in Buddism. It’s the fullmoon day of the month so we […]

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New house

How do you judge a guy? By his Facebook page? By his outfit? or by how well-built his body is? Hoan has a few people to take care of and a house under his name. A boy’s place is always a boy’s place: scattered with stuffs everywhere. The father is away. The sister is still sleeping. Things […]

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Hello, I’ve told a few friends that one day I’d come back to Sonday Savour to do a few photoshoots. I decided to move my concentration back to work, but my work was looking for the beauty inside each people, and I met some nice men and that has made me want to restart this project. I’m […]

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SONDAY SAVOUR – report of a year. from Duong RKUDO on Vimeo.


Thank you for having watched this weekend photographic blog so far.

Sonday Savour has grown more than had I expected. It turned out to be a journey of observing, learning and making new friends.

I started Sonday Savour with uncertainty of how far it would go. Would it be just a quiet blog for an artist to express his own feeling doing his own thing or get some frequent viewers to come back every now and then? I only set the goal of running this personal project for one year after the first smooth three months.

I must thank Wilson Ho as the very first model support Sonday Savour. Finding a model for a photographic story every week is the main challenge to me and it was only after weeks of publishing that it became easier for me to cast new models. The new guys always wanted to see samples. Wilson was that very important ‘sample’. In fact, he modeled for more photoshoots than anyone else in this project.

Bringing Sonday Savour to as many as possible was the second challenge. Although too busy to officially the project, Khac Duy has been always there to boost the views of the blog. He brought a considerable number of frequent viewers to Sonday Savour.

WordPress was a great platform to publish and Facebook was the real playground to attract engagements. I have learned something new. My next projects will certainly based on these two, again. Should I thank Matt Mullenweg and Mark Zuckerberg?

All the models, it’s hot here, I wanna hug you as a big thank, LOL. Many of you contributed much more than modelling. You guys really let me into your private life during the photo sessions.

I also thanked some ‘crazy’ fans of the project who sent me their feedback right after they viewed a new entry. You let me know that you really liked Sonday Savour :))

However, nothing lasts forever, so does Sonday Savour. I set a goal and reached it satisfactorily. A story should not be too long. This does not mean I stop doing what I did in this project. Come back to https://sondaysavour.wordpress.com/ sometimes to check if there is anything new 😉

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