It’s summer

I’ve just bought an action camera which is claimed to work well underwater. So I asked Dat out for a swimming session on the weekend to test it. He is the shy boy I have pursuited for a photo session. I think the water might help make him more comfortable. I’m glad the camera does […]

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It’s his own code. Can you decipher? It was a rainy Saturday morning. We started from his place, passing Tan Dinh market, to Le Van Tam park, then back to have breakfast and visited his house where he played a few familiar song on the piano.

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Spare time

I like to observe young men in their spare time, when they are most relaxed doing their own thing, being themselves. For some men, their spare time is very limited due to their busy work life. When I arrived Phat only had 30 minutes of spare time between personal training sessions for his clients. He […]

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Shy boy

Sonday Savour’s long-term friend Duy Tran introduced Dat to me. This man was an intern in the same office with Duy. I guessed he would be an outgoing person like many of his colleagues in digital companies, but he was a shy one instead. I knew it would not be easy to photograph a shy […]

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Among the stars

I had not intended to have an entry for the end of the year 2017 on Sonday Savour as I was busy with several jobs at the same time. I had stopped ‘go hunting’ for new faces, and decided to go with the flow, “let life bring new people to my photos”, because somehow I […]

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A dad

I photographed the wedding of Giap and his wife 2 years ago. He was one of the most good looking bridegrooms I had ever photographed back then. Lately when I saw his wife posted some photos of him and their kids I wanted to brought him back to Sonday Savour right away. I visited them […]

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