Scored 18

I met Han at the barber shop in my neighborhood, seeing he was kool and had good physique. I started the conversation and was surprised to know he was still in highschool for young talents in sport. I asked for his contact and Han became the subject that I followed for the longest time ever for […]

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a cup of coffee

It was the last afternoon of 2016. The air was not as cooler as expected. I told him it would be ‘weird’ to wear suit and go outside in such heat. I had a cup of coffee with Binh who just got back to the country for short vacation after years of going from countries to countries. A chat revealed differences between us, one chosing to stay one chosing to go further.

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Who’s Dat Guy?

We had agreed to have a sit together for Sonday Savour for more than 1 year ago, but Dat was too busy with his shifts at a well-known restaurant. Last week we chatted again and finally he let me know he could arrange a day-off for me photographing. Also, he’s moved to the same district with […]

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Khiem has certain things remind me of myself at 19, but nicer :)) This guy is even taller than I am at 6 feet. He’s easy-going, asking nothing for his birthday from family and friends. He has faith in contributing to public benefit, and in Buddism. It’s the fullmoon day of the month so we […]

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New house

How do you judge a guy? By his Facebook page? By his outfit? or by how well-built his body is? Hoan has a few people to take care of and a house under his name. A boy’s place is always a boy’s place: scattered with stuffs everywhere. The father is away. The sister is still sleeping. Things […]

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Hello, I’ve told a few friends that one day I’d come back to Sonday Savour to do a few photoshoots. I decided to move my concentration back to work, but my work was looking for the beauty inside each people, and I met some nice men and that has made me want to restart this project. I’m […]

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