Before I knew Nam had a Black belt in Judo, he had been just a cute chubby boy to me. I was surprised to knew his achievement earlier as a teenage boy in national championship. He fell once and stopped for years because of serious injuries, and just came back lately with a Bronze medal […]

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Hideaway Home

May was never an easy month for me again. I had to go to Phan Thiet to do a few things, and I had no acquaintance there except Phuc, a friend of a friend in Sai Gon. We had just met several times before in Sai Gon, but he didn’t mind hosting me a few […]

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Go 4 a Banh Mi

Last time Phuong visited Sai Gon, we came to a coffeeshop and had Banh Mi for our breakfast after the photoshoot. This time he said he looked for a Banh Mi again though  already had had a light dinner during the flight. It was interesting to see his progress of training. It was so obviously […]

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I’ve just heard the term ‘powerlifting’ from Cuong lately when I ask him why he seems to focus more on weight-lifting than other ‘gym’ things. He explains quickly that powerlifting is a sport involving attempts a maximal weight load on a single lift and consists three kinds of lifting: squat, deadlift and benchpress. Powerlifting has […]

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It’s summer

I’ve just bought an action camera which is claimed to work well underwater. So I asked Dat out for a swimming session on the weekend to test it. He is the shy boy I have pursuited for a photo session. I think the water might help make him more comfortable. I’m glad the camera does […]

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