I had followed Viet on Facebook for a while and asked him to join Sonday Savour even though he did not live around here. I missed a few chances when he came to Saigon last year but too busy for work. This time he came back for a large marathon race and saved some time […]

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If it wasn’t because of my job, I would hardly find a reason to come back to Vung Tau and met Thong last weekend. I contacted him long time ago to photograph him and his partner, but when they said whenever I came to Vung Tau just let them know I just said yes with […]

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I’ve been busy lately, and focused my mind on other projects. Everybody is busy now. It gets a bit harder to find new faces for Sonday Savour and even more to arrange a meet-and-photograph. In fact, I have met some interesting guys recently. I’m not under the pressure of posting pictures weekly anymore, so I’m […]

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Hello, I’ve told a few friends that one day I’d come back to Sonday Savour to do a few photoshoots. I decided to move my concentration back to work, but my work was looking for the beauty inside each people, and I met some nice men and that has made me want to restart this project. I’m […]

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– Have you told your mom about what we’re gonna do today? – Yes, I told her everything. Just do what we planned to. – Do you have any sibling? – No. – Do you play game? – Just a little bit. – How long have you been to the gym? You must work very hard! – You […]

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