I had followed Viet on Facebook for a while and asked him to join Sonday Savour even though he did not live around here. I missed a few chances when he came to Saigon last year but too busy for work. This time he came back for a large marathon race and saved some time […]

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Family time

It was the year-end season when couples got married and when family bonded together tighter for special moments. I photographed Dao in his wedding, then in a previous session for Sonday Savour named “A dad“. This time his wife booked me to take their family portrait and we went to the city’s botarnical garden and […]

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Works chased him to his home, where he usually took clothes off and dove in his full-of-star blanket. He would turn the light off and sleep until very late in the morning. If it was not to earn a living, he might even stay longer in bed, finding it very hard to wake up to […]

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Spare time

I like to observe young men in their spare time, when they are most relaxed doing their own thing, being themselves. For some men, their spare time is very limited due to their busy work life. When I arrived Phat only had 30 minutes of spare time between personal training sessions for his clients. He […]

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