One day Duy sent me an Instagram video of a young man singing in front of his selfie camera. I thought he should be on Sonday Savour if he was in town. Then I followed his Instagram and knew he lived somewhere in the Mekong Delta area. On the afternoon of that same day, I […]

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I had followed Viet on Facebook for a while and asked him to join Sonday Savour even though he did not live around here. I missed a few chances when he came to Saigon last year but too busy for work. This time he came back for a large marathon race and saved some time […]

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If it wasn’t because of my job, I would hardly find a reason to come back to Vung Tau and met Thong last weekend. I contacted him long time ago to photograph him and his partner, but when they said whenever I came to Vung Tau just let them know I just said yes with […]

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“20 years old, I did not really know whether the way I was going was for me or it was just something my family chose or something the majority of society did.” I knew at the same 20 year-old Thinh had the same issue, but he soon realized what he was doing was not what […]

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Works chased him to his home, where he usually took clothes off and dove in his full-of-star blanket. He would turn the light off and sleep until very late in the morning. If it was not to earn a living, he might even stay longer in bed, finding it very hard to wake up to […]

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Before I knew Nam had a Black belt in Judo, he had been just a cute chubby boy to me. I was surprised to knew his achievement earlier as a teenage boy in national championship. He fell once and stopped for years because of serious injuries, and just came back lately with a Bronze medal […]

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