If it wasn’t because of my job, I would hardly find a reason to come back to Vung Tau and met Thong last weekend. I contacted him long time ago to photograph him and his partner, but when they said whenever I came to Vung Tau just let them know I just said yes with […]

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The last time I met Cuong at the Old School gym to take photos for Sonday Savour, he was preparing for a contest. He got more and more serious about the contest over the time, once even told me he was stressed about it. The contest took place yesterday in Thu Thiem. I had spare […]

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Khiem has certain things remind me of myself at 19, but nicer :)) This guy is even taller than I am at 6 feet. He’s easy-going, asking nothing for his birthday from family and friends. He has faith in contributing to public benefit, and in Buddism. It’s the fullmoon day of the month so we […]

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The young artist at the market

lnh tinh4 - Copy

It was Sunday afternoon. I and a few mates went to the Box market, an open-air vintage market. A friend of mine sat for a caricature and we stood around to watch the young artist’s performance. I asked Lai, the guy on the far right of this photo also an illustrator, about that young boy. He was a student in the same university with me and Lai, about 7 years later. I liked both his physical appearance and his attitude, his concentration on the work and his quiet comfort given by his girlfriend sitting right by┬áhis side.

You know, I’d like that kind of beauty of men. It requires no makeup and no accessories and it is always somewhere around us. It is the original inspiration for this blog.

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The amateur

I met Tien when we both joined a small team for a short-film contest. He was the supporting actor. I was the cameraman. We played minor roles and were just amateurs. When the contest was over, we all went all back to our own paths, keeping in touch just on Facebook. I asked to photograph […]

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