The last time I met Cuong at the Old School gym to take photos for Sonday Savour, he was preparing for a contest. He got more and more serious about the contest over the time, once even told me he was stressed about it. The contest took place yesterday in Thu Thiem. I had spare […]

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“20 years old, I did not really know whether the way I was going was for me or it was just something my family chose or something the majority of society did.” I knew at the same 20 year-old Thinh had the same issue, but he soon realized what he was doing was not what […]

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This is Thinh, the new recruit of my photographic assistant team. I’d like to post a few random photos I’ve taken of him here as introduction, because I’m going to get him join the Sonday Savour team soon.

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Hideaway Home

May was never an easy month for me again. I had to go to Phan Thiet to do a few things, and I had no acquaintance there except Phuc, a friend of a friend in Sai Gon. We had just met several times before in Sai Gon, but he didn’t mind hosting me a few […]

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I’ve just heard the term ‘powerlifting’ from Cuong lately when I ask him why he seems to focus more on weight-lifting than other ‘gym’ things. He explains quickly that powerlifting is a sport involving attempts a maximal weight load on a single lift and consists three kinds of lifting: squat, deadlift and benchpress. Powerlifting has […]

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Spare time

I like to observe young men in their spare time, when they are most relaxed doing their own thing, being themselves. For some men, their spare time is very limited due to their busy work life. When I arrived Phat only had 30 minutes of spare time between personal training sessions for his clients. He […]

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Among the stars

I had not intended to have an entry for the end of the year 2017 on Sonday Savour as I was busy with several jobs at the same time. I had stopped ‘go hunting’ for new faces, and decided to go with the flow, “let life bring new people to my photos”, because somehow I […]

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