One day Duy sent me an Instagram video of a young man singing in front of his selfie camera. I thought he should be on Sonday Savour if he was in town. Then I followed his Instagram and knew he lived somewhere in the Mekong Delta area. On the afternoon of that same day, I […]

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Family time

It was the year-end season when couples got married and when family bonded together tighter for special moments. I photographed Dao in his wedding, then in a previous session for Sonday Savour named “A dad“. This time his wife booked me to take their family portrait and we went to the city’s botarnical garden and […]

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The young artist at the market

lnh tinh4 - Copy

It was Sunday afternoon. I and a few mates went to the Box market, an open-air vintage market. A friend of mine sat for a caricature and we stood around to watch the young artist’s performance. I asked Lai, the guy on the far right of this photo also an illustrator, about that young boy. He was a student in the same university with me and Lai, about 7 years later. I liked both his physical appearance and his attitude, his concentration on the work and his quiet comfort given by his girlfriend sitting right by┬áhis side.

You know, I’d like that kind of beauty of men. It requires no makeup and no accessories and it is always somewhere around us. It is the original inspiration for this blog.

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