One day Duy sent me an Instagram video of a young man singing in front of his selfie camera. I thought he should be on Sonday Savour if he was in town. Then I followed his Instagram and knew he lived somewhere in the Mekong Delta area.

On the afternoon of that same day, I went to the gym and saw two guys stepping into the elevator with me. One of them was tall, slim fit with brown skin, standing opposite to me. It took me a while to recognize he was the guy in the Instagram video albeit a bit less attractive due to no filter applied. It took me another moment to decide to ask “Are you Trung?”

Our conversation began and we were both surprised about what happened that day. He told me his name was Tin, not Trung. He came to the gym to register a membership and we became gym mates from then on. I met him working out during both daytime and nightime. It was because of his new job’s schedule. He was okay to have a job and a convenient place to stay in the city. He told me the people sharing the house with him were nice.
I thought it was a very good begin for a new life.

Even though Tin didn’t look as smooth as on his Instagram, he exposed a more masculine attraction from both his physiques and manner. I spent some time with him on a day-off and tried to photograph him-current-self. I’d like to come back later again to see how life in Saigon would change him.

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