I had followed Viet on Facebook for a while and asked him to join Sonday Savour even though he did not live around here. I missed a few chances when he came to Saigon last year but too busy for work. This time he came back for a large marathon race and saved some time for me to photograph him.

Viet had just swung ‘lately’ for a couple of years from his old self to a more joyful and energetic one after some incidents. I liked to see him swinging in full classic dress-up but taking pictures of him dancing in public places, just like he often did with his fellows, was very inspirational.

I remembered one of my professor in Australia loved Swing so much that once we passed by a street Jazz band playing Swing in the street, he made a few dance moved like a child, not the usual old academic man we often saw in classrooms. Swing could rejuvenate a person. Every step snapped off-beat mana. A whole Swing dance session sent a wave of positive signals those could uplift both the performer and the audience’s mood.

Everytime I photographed somebody with an interesting hobby I got inspired and learned a few things from them. No matter what they did, there was the common thing: finding something make them happy and played it hard. I believed Viet had found his right path and would go much further. I told him to let me photograph him again if he would come back to Saigon to perform in a professional Jazz Swing session.

I’m playing a Swing House playlist and thinking of learning a few steps now.

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