Family time

It was the year-end season when couples got married and when family bonded together tighter for special moments. I photographed Dao in his wedding, then in a previous session for Sonday Savour named “A dad“. This time his wife booked me to take their family portrait and we went to the city’s botarnical garden and there I had another vision of this young man.

He now didn’t look much like a football star anymore but a man of the family. He had a business in education to run with his wife, and a little copy of himself named Ronald to watch and caress. At work he was the active manager but with his beloved ones he stood behind and only showed up right when his wife and kid needed him.

Though I mostly photographed men when they were alone and free, I could not deny the fact that their beauty would shine more when they were around people they loved. Men looked best when they worked hard for something, and that thing might be physique or career or simply a family.

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