“20 years old, I did not really know

whether the way I was going was for me or it was just something my family chose or something the majority of society did.”

I knew at the same 20 year-old Thinh had the same issue, but he soon realized what he was doing was not what he really wanted, so he quited, to figure out what would be next.

He didn’t want to become an electricity technician anymore. He took a lot of photos with his film camera and a fearless attitude, but was still unsure if he should turn photography from a hobby to a professional job because it was a whole different world. He wanted to improve his physiques, but could not deny his limit. He liked girls, young girls, but still not defined the his type of woman. He was wandering until found an answer.

I got a little better vision of the twenties by making friend with Thinh and other assistant of mine. They were more daring than I was at their age, trying more things than I did. They knew more places than I did. This rooftop of a 24-storey apartment building for example, where I could have a totally different view of the city like never before. I could rarely see both of the two tallest towers at such good distance. I had such experience by just following him.

Therefore, I gave him a few advices, but even myself was not sure those were all right. I believed only he himself would know what to do. There was nothing wrong with wandering. A wanderer was not a lost one.

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