Love birds

What do two lovers do together on a Sunday afternoon?

Not much.

SS2 lovebirdsSS2 lovebirds2SS2 lovebirds3SS2 lovebirds4SS2 lovebirds5SS2 lovebirds6SS2 lovebirds7SS2 lovebirds8SS2 lovebirds9SS2 lovebirds10SS2 lovebirds11SS2 lovebirds12SS2 lovebirds13SS2 lovebirds14SS2 lovebirds15SS2 lovebirds16SS2 lovebirds17SS2 lovebirds18SS2 lovebirds19SS2 lovebirds20SS2 lovebirds21SS2 lovebirds22SS2 lovebirds23SS2 lovebirds24


One thought on “Love birds

  1. Well, Dee

    What should i say?! They are lucky to find out the better part of themselves. God bless them and may God guide them how to maintain the fire of love.

    I have grown fond of following your series, especially equal loves like these. Hope your going to harvest many more big things either in your career path or personal life.

    An Asian stranger.


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