I found Thuan in a Facebook group of jobs for students while I was looking for new assistants. I found him sincere and wanted to recruit him but he lived too far from my studio. A week later, I asked if he could let me photograph him for Sonday Savour and was surprised that he agreed with no hesitation.

I followed him in his way back home from school which fortunately passed by my studio to his place in District 8. We stopped by a minimart where he bought food for his work-out diet. Later we chatted in his small kitchen while I watched him preparing his own meals with precisely weighted chicken breast meat and a lot of egg yolks.


It was funny straight boys like Thuan loved to spit out words such as “SML” to fill their speaking. It might be because their life was too simple for themselves to tell about. They tried everything to be attractive or just more confident. Thuan used too many “SML” that I decided right away that I would name this photoset by those words. However, I liked the way he talked about his father and brother and how their whole family was going on with a brighter future ahead.

He told me he was having a crush with a girl at his workplace. The girl did not pay enough attention to him. I thought she should see his working out, or at least watch these videos of him playing with his little cousin:

We don’t find many genuine boys like him, girls!


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