Orlando (2)

After his daily shopping at the market, Loc took me to his home where I met his friendly partner. I spent sometime chatting with both of the interesting guys while Loc was preparing his meals for the whole day. I later followed him to his hair salon which was not busy in the morning and photograph his daily routine at work.

I asked if he was nervous when first opening the salon. He said it took him 4 years of learning and practicing in another hair salon and a fortune to prepare for it. It wasn’t a step-by-step financial investment but he felt confident to take the risk.

I discreetly admired the energy from this handsome young man and would love to observe him more.

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One thought on “Orlando (2)

  1. Well Duong,

    I agree with you that Loc’s facial expressions have been a decided evidence, proving him such an energetic, cheerful guy.

    It must have been a great day to you and that you guys had had so many blasts there. Hope that his business will soon thrive on so that he is able to successfully settle down here as well as contribute many more meaningful things for the city.

    By the way, correct if i’m wrong, are you indicating that as saying his PARTNER? subtle things make statements man! Hope that they do treasure, value what they have in hand at the moment as things are more often found vague and fragile in the communities.


    Great day, host!

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