Orlando (1)

I contacted Loc a few months ago, but he was busy opening his very first business. The hair salon was named Orlando and located in Da Kao, District 1. This time he let me spend a whole morning with him from the early hour at his favorite market to the bedroom he shared with a closed friend.

I was to write a few words about this new favorite young man of mine but I thought the photos would be enough. I got more than what I had expected.

SS2 trantanloc orlandoSS2 trantanloc orlando2SS2 trantanloc orlando3SS2 trantanloc orlando4SS2 trantanloc orlando5SS2 trantanloc orlando6SS2 trantanloc orlando7SS2 trantanloc orlando8SS2 trantanloc orlando9SS2 trantanloc orlando10SS2 trantanloc orlando11SS2 trantanloc orlando12SS2 trantanloc orlando13SS2 trantanloc orlando14SS2 trantanloc orlando15SS2 trantanloc orlando16SS2 trantanloc orlando17SS2 trantanloc orlando18SS2 trantanloc orlando19SS2 trantanloc orlando20SS2 trantanloc orlando21SS2 trantanloc orlando22SS2 trantanloc orlando23

(to be continued next weeekend)


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