If you live in Saigon, you know how bad the first day of this April was. Rain comes unexpectedly and hard. I was fooled by the dry weather of the days before, when I made plans to shoot Ru. I was only to photograph him a few shots in his tiny room then some outdoor ones with sunset lighting. Plan changed. We had to stay in his small rented room for an hour before I gave up and went home. For him, it was just another typical weekend. The roomate went out with his date, leaving him alone for the whole weekend, and Ru would have nothing else to do but some boring homework from his celebrity boss.

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One thought on “APRIL’S FOOL

  1. good shots!

    sometimes my sympathy goes out as realizing and wondering how poor those like this one model are. How many of these hard workers are there, trying to settle down in this bustling city, Saigon but inevitably, at this phase of their careers, they have to no other option but living in such tiny rooms like this.

    thank you host for revealing this fact,

    pray for many blessings will be soon poured onto these guys as trades-off.

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