Scored 18

I met Han at the barber shop in my neighborhood, seeing he was kool and had good physique. I started the conversation and was surprised to know he was still in highschool for young talents in sport. I asked for his contact and Han became the subject that I followed for the longest time ever for an entry of Sonday Savour.

I brought my new camera with excellent continous shooting function to two of his practice sessions to test. It was fun to mingle among Han and his teenage fellows and listened to their new way of gossiping. They practiced together as a team, but then would divided into different teams for district and city contests. At almost 18, Han was kinda the captain of his team. In his sport (and boy’s) world, age and talent defined the leader. Later I joined him at his favorite coffee shop where guys sat around watching football matches on TV. I was glad to know he would soon study abroad with achievements in sport as the advantage in his profile. Life would be so much different ahead, but right now he just finished his last basketball contest as a highschool student.

SS2 scored 18SS2 scored 182

SS2 scored 183

SS2 scored 184SS2 scored 185SS2 scored 186SS2 scored 187SS2 scored 188SS2 scored 189SS2 scored 1810SS2 scored 1811SS2 scored 1812




3 thoughts on “Scored 18

  1. cool, Dee! i like it when you use the word mingle…i’m single and ready to mingle dude, lol. Thanks and have a great Sunday Dee.


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