Start-Ups (I. The beginners)

startups 1

I’ve found many young mates around talking about and planning for their ‘startups’ lately. Are they all ready for it or is it just a trend? It may be something for confident and strong-willed people or someone who doesn’t have any other choice, but I always have certain admiration for those. I love to hear they talk about their beginning and how they are going on.  Not knowing how far they will go, I decided to start this series portraiting some of them I’ve known by good chances to record their beauty as I think ‘ambitious’ could be a kind of ‘sexy’.

Here are the first two mates: (click on the images to view in larger size)

Hieu Huynh & Paperplanes VN

With bigger ambition for bigger business, Hieu chose quite a safer way to start. In stead of creating his own products, he collaborated with his long-term buddy to bring a Korean brand of shoes to Vietnam.  Well, I don’t know much about franchising and fashion but this guy spent an hour explaining to me how the shoes will fit well to Vietnamese feet. The first store has just debut lately and lots of work ahead for Hieu to burn himself.

      startups 114        startups 113 startups 112 startups 18 startups 111

startups 19 startups 110

Minh Khanh & his ‘1988 Home Up’

On March 2013, Khanh was at a cafe and received an sms to make a drap for his friend. His first drap was produced on the month. At the beginning the service as based at his own rent apartment in District 4 with the name “1988 bedding” and still his after-work job. Khanh was a marketing staff at that time. One year later, “1988 Home Up” debut in district 1, selling bedding set and printed canvas and furniture, mostly online. Khanh did everything himself until he quit his office job and open the first store with two staffs on November 2014.

I visited the store twice for photographing him. It was always busy with young, mostly male, clients who came and selected and left quickly. Some liked to stay longer to chat with the owner. Yes, Khanh is the guy I photographed for “The store Owner” entry in this blog. He just let me know that he’s running for his second store.

startups 13startups 12  startups 14 startups 15 startups 16 startups 17


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